Best WiFi Thermostats 2017

WiFi Thermostats are becoming more sought after and affordable since their release in 2011. Nest and Honeywell are the two powerhouses in the thermostat market nowadays although Ecobee is making a strong push too be included in the conversation. If you still have an old mercury thermostat or just haven’t been educated on WiFi thermostats its time to hop on the energy efficient and money saving bandwagon.

What Is A WiFi Thermostat ?

A WiFi thermostat has the capability to connect to the internet and pair with smart phone or tablet so you can control the temperature and humidity of your home on the go. WiFi thermostats also can be programmed with a heating and cooling schedule tailored to your liking for maximum efficiency and they will also compile and email you  monthly usage reports with tips to save more on your energy bill. In addition to these technical features all of these thermostats can be paired with Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Are WiFi Thermostats Affordable And Easy To Install?

Yes and yes! When these thermostats hit the market several years ago they were in the $400-$600 dollar price range. Now that the market has become much more competitive these thermostats can be purchased for under $250 and pay for themselves in 2 years time if used correctly. Installation can be done with ease even by new DIY home owners a screwdriver and the hardware provided is all that’s required for installation and you will not be exposed to any high voltage so no need to worry.

Best WiFi Thermostats 2017 

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

The Heavyweight in the WiFi capable thermostat market and for good reason. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule to save extra money on your energy bill. Your thermostat controls half your energy bill that means more than appliances, more than electronics. This thermostat without a doubt will help you save energy! Independent studies have proven that the Nest Learning Thermostat saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. That means that in two years, it can pay for itself.

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4.6 out of 5 stars per

Auto-Schedule: Nest learns the temperatures you like and programs itself in about a week.

Home/Away Assist: Nest automatically turns itself down when nobody’s home to help you save energy.

Remote Control: Connect your thermostat to Wi‑Fi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Farsight: When Nest spots you across the room, it lights up to show you the time, temperature or weather.

Energy History: Check your Energy History in the Nest app to see how much energy you use and why.

Nest Leaf: You’ll see the Leaf when you choose a temperature that saves energy. It guides you in the right direction

Installation And Warranty

Most people install Nest in 30 minutes or less. If you ever need help, call 24/7 support.

Go to to see if it’s compatible with your system.

Free Nest Account.

2 year limited warranty

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

For a more cost effective WiFi programmable thermostat you should consider the Honeywell Smart Thermostat. The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat allows you to uniquely program your device as either a home or business thermostat and then offers scheduling features specific to your home or business.The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat learns the exact amount of time necessary to reach your desired temperature setting and acts accordingly, so energy isn’t wasted and your comfort isn’t compromised.

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4.2 out of 5 stars per

   Control from anywhere with iOS and Android devices

  Simple setup with smart programmable features for home or business

   Easy-to-read customizable color touchscreen

  Smart Response temperature timing

   Advanced fan/comfort control and indoor humidity sensor

Installation And Warranty 

Compatible with thermostats with 110V or higher and systems containing a c-wire

1 year limited warranty

4 Replies to “Best WiFi Thermostats 2017”

  1. These are some awesome thermostats. Who would’ve thought? They came out with wifi thermostats. This is actually the first time I’m noticing these. I’m glad I found your website. It looks like one of these would be a good investment. The way it show you stats and ways you can save money on energy, I wouldn’t doubt that it will pay for itself after only two years. Thanks for these excellent reviews!

    1. Thanks for the comment John!

      I personally can attest to the savings from installing one of these thermostats i personally use the Nest and I’ve had it for a little over six months and i have no buyers remorse what so ever I’m on track to recoup the money I spent on the thermostat in less than 2 years !

  2. I’m rather new to these WIFI thermostats but reading through your review I can see potential for saving energy and money. If in 2 years time these pay for themselves using in the correct manner, then they’re definitely worth it.

    I think my lack of interest years ago when they first entered the market was their high price however like you mention here, the price has come down significantly and has now caught my attention, it’s definitely worth considering.

    Do you download an app to use on your smartphone? I like the idea of being able to set the heating to come on before you arrive home, makes so much sense however to read through the usage makes you able to adjust the settings to save money and suit your lifestyle.

    Thanks for your review, I think the Honeywell Smart Thermostat will suit us fine.

    1. Hey Mr.Simon thanks for the comment.

      To answer your question, yes you can download a FREE app for both thermostats and they are very user friendly. I love the fact that you can control your AC from your phone I rarely even adjust the temperature at the base unit anymore I just use my Iphone.

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