Has Your AC guy ever told you that you need to add Freon to your machine? Did you really need it? Today I will be sharing some info on what you need to know about Freon.


R-22: The old stuff. If your heating and cooling system was installed before 2009 there is a good chance this is the refrigerant your machine runs on. This
refrigerant is currently being phased out by the EPA due to the fact that when it leaks the gas depletes the ozone. R-22 is  expected to be gone by 2019.

R-410a: The new stuff also known as PURON. All new AC systems since 2010 are manufactured to run on PURON. R-410a does not contain bromine or chlorine which causes ozone depletion This refrigerant also allows for a higher SEER rating on your air conditioning and heating system.


The answer to this question is simple…..NEVER. Your heating and cooling system is a sealed circuit. The condensing unit outside pumps the Freon as a liquid to Your air handler where the evaporator coils change it from liquid to gas. The gas then proceeds back to the condensing unit where the condensing coils change the FREON back to liquid. If your AC guy tells you that you need to add FREON ask him why. There are two reasons you will be low either someone let it out or most likely you have a LEAK. Don’t let your AC company charge you for FREON every year without finding out if or why you actually need it!

Target PSI

*Pressures may vary up to 5 psi higher or lower due to outside temperature

R-22:           200 over 75

R-410a:     300 over 125


4 Replies to “FREON?”

  1. Hey this is great, thanks for the information. I did not know about how all are sealed and so you’ll never need to add Freon. I’m glad I know now.

    I had some guy come buy to check out my ac, and I ended up paying him when he basically did nothing. Freon wasn’t the problem but I helped him locate the problem and then drain the overflow pan.I did all the work!

    I have a couple of wall units in my back room. One of them stopped blowing cold air, but the fan works. Is this the same situation?

    1. Hey Mr. Johnathan,

      Thanks for the comment. To answer your question there are two things that could be the problem either your Freon leaked out or your compressor is bad. When the compressor is bad your machine is not pumping the Freon to the coils to blow cold air. The drain clog issue is very common but very easily remedied and prevented without having to call a professional. Check out my maintenance tips and tricks page to find out how.

  2. Great information. I forwarded a link to your site to my boss. Last summer he had an HVAC company come in to check our A/C. They told him that Freon was needed and that he would probably need it filled again this coming summer. I don’t know what he paid this company, but I’m sure he will have a few things to say to them when they come back next summer after he reads your article. Thanks for the info. There are too many unscrupulous companies out there that will do anything to make a buck.

    1. Thanks for the comment sir. Countless times have been in customers homes where they say ” My regular company has to put Freon in once or twice a year.” Thanks for finding my site and becoming a more educated customer. Knowledge is power.

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