Want To Add 5 Years To The Life Of Your Compressor?

Does your compressor make a hellacious noise upon start-up?

Do your lights dim every time your unit turns on ?

Adding a Hard Start Assist to your system can erase those problems and add at least 3-5 years to the lifespan of your compressor. That’s not even the best part, the best part is you can install it yourself for under $50.

What is a Hard Start Assist?

A Hard Start Assist stores energy inside it’s capacitor and when the unit turns on it uses that energy to aid the compressor upon start-up. After start-up the Hard Start Assist then uses the power from the unit to recharge itself so it’s ready to help again on the next heating or cooling cycle.


1-3 Ton Kit                                         3.5-5 Ton Kit


Estimated Job Time : 20-25 min.

Tools And Equipment Needed: Drill or Nut Driver, Hard Start Kit, Hardware

Difficulty: Easy

  1. Turn Off The Power- At the main breaker and disconnect box.
  2. Open Electrical Panel- On the outdoor unit remove the screws to the electrical panel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  3. Attach Both Wires To Capacitor- Attach both wires to the capacitor. One wire to the HERM and one to the C (common). It does not matter which wire goes to which.


  4. Mount Hardware- Attach the Hard Start kit with the screw and zip ties included in kit and put the panel back on.


  5. Restore Power- Turn power back on at the breaker panel and disconnect box.

Installing A Capacitor And A Hard Start Kit

3 Replies to “Want To Add 5 Years To The Life Of Your Compressor?”

  1. It is very refreshing to read about central units considering I used to do this for a living years ago. I love the fact that you post is step by step informative which makes it very easy to follow and even though the pics are very simple they are very effective! thanks for the information!

    1. Thanks for the comment Mr.Weston. Being in the field yourself you can attest to how powerful this accessory is. For under $50 and no experience you can extend the life of your compressor for 5 years or more, absolutely a must have.

  2. This was an easy guide to understand how to fix the compressor, it wasn’t lengthy and I really found it easy to follow. Since I’m a newbie it is difficult for me to get into the technical stuff but after reading this post I have been able to understand how to fix a couple of things myself if anything goes wrong.

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