Leaf Guard

Every day your outdoor air conditioning unit is besieged with falling leaves and debris that enter your system. Once inside your unit, these particles impede drains, filter, cause rust, and become a breeding ground for insects. Being in the field as a heating and cooling specialist i can tell you, this can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and lead to a break down. The Leaf Guard comes in many sizes and comes with adjustable straps to fit any unit. I highly recommend adding this to your AC system it takes just a few minutes to install.




Leaf Guard
Leaf Guard



For best results i recommend checking out the HowTo on cleaning your AC condenser and then add the Leaf Guard after you clean the coils and debris out.

PremierAcCovers – Leaf Guard Summer Open Mesh Air Conditioner Cover – Keeps Out Leaves, Cottonwood and Debris – 28×28 -Black

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  1. Didn’t know these simple devices existed. Every year I am blowing and vacuuming out our A/C as it gets a pretty heavy dose of falling leaves every fall. You don’t realize how much gets in there until you open it up and look. This simple design will help eliminate some work in the spring time for me. Have you had personal experience with these products?

    1. Yes sir the picture with the Bryant unit on the page is my AC system. I have always been a big believer in the Leaf Guard!

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