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My NEST thermostat

After doing research and talking to my customers that experienced having the NEST thermostat in their homes I decided to pull the trigger and purchase one. Its’s been three months since installation and each month as it has studied my wife and I’s habits the NEST dropped our electric bill a minimum of $12 per month !¬†The NEST smart thermostat connects to WiFi and pairs with my phone so i can set it to cool the home to my desired temperature before I arrive home. Below are some of the capabilities as well as a link to get the NEST and I did all the price shopping for you. The thermostat comes with a very user friendly installation guide that will take less than 10 minutes even if you’re a new DIY er. Take my word for it this thermostat is absolutely worth every penny I see it paying for it self within a year

  • WiFi capable
  • Pairs with cell phone
  • Programmable scheduling
  • Motion and sound sensors built in
  • Provides energy usage reports monthly
  • Learns residents habits to tweak schedule for additional savings
  • Tells you how long your AC should take to cool or heat the home to desired temperature


Some energy companies send you an instant $100 rebate. And many offer traditional mail-in rebates. Check with your local energy provider.

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NEST Smart Thermostat
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4 Replies to “NEST Thermostat”

  1. Thanks for this. The Nest has been one of the first connected home devices in the “internet of things”. It sounds like you’re enjoying it, and it’s obviously been a good-sized benefit in dollar terms. I have a couple of questions for you as an owner. How easy was it to install? (Were you replacing an old-school sort of manual thermostat with the Nest?) And how is the security on it? Can you set the security at the device level, or is it done in your phone?
    I’m thinking of getting one.

    1. Hey Mr. Larry,

      Thank you for the comment. The NEST itself doesn’t need any tools for installation but your old thermostat may require a small flat head screw driver for removal. As for your other question you have the option of controlling the security from the device or your phone. If you decide to purchase one be sure to check with your power company to find out if they offer the $100 rebate.

  2. Wow, I never keep up with the technology news these days, so these new devices are blowing my mind! Does it work via an app or how is it linked to a cellphone? Awesome that it’s conserving energy and cutting back on your electricity bills, I could go for that!

    1. I really appreciate the comment miss! To answer your question the NEST is linked to your phone via an app and you can add as many users as you would like. check back for more energy saving tips .

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