Why Filtration And Air Purification Are So Important

Filtration and air purification is so important to your air conditioner, if neglected your AC system’s efficiency as well as the clean air in your home will be compromised. A brand new AC system can be ruined if not equipped with a clean filter and an air purification system or UV light.

The main reason proper filtration is so important to your air conditioner is to prevent debris from building up in your evaporator coil which will then cause your unit to struggle cooling or heating and eventually break down. In addition to filtering debris AC filters also prevent household dust, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander viruses, and bacteria from polluting your air conditioner and more importantly your home.

The next thing that is a necessity is a UV sterilization system.  UV systems are installed inside the indoor unit to kill microbial growth such as mold and mildew as well as sanitize the air that passes through. Your heating and cooling system circulates the air in your home on average 100 times per day. The 3 causes of indoor air pollution are VOC’s, Particulate, and Bioaerosols.

What Poor Filtration And No UV System Will Do


Some home owners choose to skip regular maintenance on their AC system others combine lack of AC  maintenance with poor filtration and UV sterilization system. Mold and other forms of microbial growth thrive in dark and wet environments which means your indoor unit or air handler is where these microorganisms will set up camp and multiply. Below are some examples of customers who learned their lesson after I left them with hefty repair bills.

Impacted Evaporator Coil
3 Year Old Bryant AC

Impacted Blower Housing And Wheel
6 Year Old Carrier Package Unit 

Dog Hair Impacted Evaporator Coil
5 Year Old Bryant AC

Don’t let this happen to the most expensive appliance in your home. Knowledge Is Power !

Step 1: Choose The Right Filter ( Mandatory )

Top 3 AC Filters

Step 2: UV Sterilization System ( Mandatory )

UV Sterilization Systems




UV Sterilization Systems

uv light

UV Sterilization Systems

(UV Lights) 

Ever been told your Air Handler or Furnace has mold, mildew, or microbial growth inside? Your AC company probably told you that you would need to spend anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more on a UV light installation. Before scratching a check to your technician allow me to shed some light on what UV sterilization systems are and how they work. After some education I will kindly show you how to install one yourself for a fraction of the cost if an HVAC company will charge you. UV lights were first installed in fish tanks and ponds to kill algae and many years later were brought into hospital’s and school’s HVAC systems. In the past 8-10 years UV Sterilization Systems finally hit the residential market. Believe me when i tell you these UV Systems are not a gimmick they really do work  and if you don’t already have one in your air conditioning system now is the time to start doing your research.

What Does It Do?

UV systems are installed inside the indoor unit to kill microbial growth such as mold and mildew as well as sanitize the air that passes through. Your heating and cooling system circulates the air in your home on average 100 times per day. The 3 causes of indoor air pollution are VOC’s, Particulate, and Bioaerosols. With indoor air pollution is not eradicated it can cause SHS. Sick Home Syndrome or SHS kills upwards of 1 million per year so it is very important for you and your family to breath clean air.

How Does It Work?

The low micro watt economical unit is effective at killing germs and controlling allergens on surfaces that are irradiated. UV Systems use germicidal UVC to kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The ultraviolet lamps reproduce natural germicidal rays that are not a chemical treatment but are deadly to micro-organisms that spread throughout your home. A properly installed UV System poses no threat to people, equipment, or indoor environment

Ordering UV System

UV systems are not sold at your local home improvement stores. In order to find the right UV system you must find the nearest HVAC part house that sells to the public or order online. Below I’ve listed Two different systems that I know work very well and are listed at a very competitive price point. Both UV systems come with a magnetic bracket to help easily install the lamp. The only difference between the two UV systems is the price and the bulb life span. The first system has a bulb life span of 1 year the latter has a lifespan of 2 years. ORDER NOW

1 year lifespan on bulb CLICK TO ORDER

2 year lifespan on bulb CLICK TO ORDER



Estimated Job Time: 1 Hour

Tools And Equipment Needed: Drill, Screwdriver, Wire Strippers, Wire Nuts.

Difficulty: Medium

Turn Off The Power- Turn breakers and/or disconnect box off!


Remove The Panels On Air Handler- Using a 5/16 or 1/4 nut driver depending on brand of unit take out between 4-10 screws to remove air handler panels.


Example of Air Handler with panels off


Locate Main power Line- This will be easy find the 2-3 wires coming into the side of the air handler. One wire will be black, one red, or occasionally the red could be a white wire instead. There will always be a  green(ground wire). The black and red wires will often be wired into bottom of the breaker inside the air handler.



Insert Wires- First, with a flat head screwdriver loosen red and black wires. Next insert the black and red wires from the UV kit in with their matching colors (red with red black with black). Then tighten screws and tug on wires to make sure they are all tight.

Grounding UV System- Find the green wire that is mounted by a brass or green screw. Then loosen the screw and  insert green wire and tighten. Check to make sure to tug the wire to make sure it is tight.




 Mounting UV Lamp- Attach lamp to magnetic bracket and find somewhere in the air handler to mount so that the UVC rays can reach the most surface area.




Put Air Handler Back Together- Screw panels on tight to avoid air leakage.

Restore Power- Turn power back on at the breaker panel and disconnect box and start reaping the benefits of hospital quality air !

*NOTE- UV lamps will need to be replaced after 1 or 2 years depending on which kit you purchased weather or not the lamp is still glowing.

Do not ever look at UV lamp without protective eye gear UVC rays will cause irreversible damage to you eyes.