What Temperature Should Set My Thermostat To?

What temperature should I keep my thermostat set on ? This is a question I’ve been asked on a daily basis for numerous years. If your’re wondering as well your’re probably not going to be very happy with my answer.

Keep Your Thermostat Set At whatever You Want !

I’ve come across homeowners that keep their thermostat set anywhere between 68-82 degrees. The 2 biggest factors that should determine  what your temperature setting is include your comfort level and what your are willing to pay for your electric bill. The bottom line is the lower you set your temperature the higher your electric bill will be.

I myself keep my Nest Thermostat on a schedule to ensure maximum efficiency. You must have a programmable thermostat for the scheduling feature. A programmable schedule  allows you to have your AC system set at different temperatures at different times of the day.

My Thermostat Schedule

The reasoning behind having a schedule is to not cool or heat the house when it isn’t necessary. As you can see i set my temperature up during my working hours because my wife and I wont be home. It then gradually lowers the temperature throughout the evening when those desired temperatures are easier to achieve without a spike in the electric bill .

Programmable thermostats I Recommend 

For Beginners

Honeywell Pro6000

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For Seasoned DIYers

Nest Learning Thermostat

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  1. This is one challenge I have every single year. I spend a lot of minutes in a day adjusting my thermostat. I never know what to keep it on. I have always thought about getting an automated one so I can schedule the times I want the system to turn on and off at the very least.

    For example, while I am asleep, it doesn’t have to be blasting but maybe a half hour before I wake up, it can start blasting so I don’t have to freeze when I get out of bed. I was a lot of money with the thermostat being so high while I am asleep during the night.

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